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Loved Behind Your Back.

For the person worried about what people think and say about them:

Yes, people are talking about you behind your back. Your name comes up in conversations you know nothing about. 

Someone you barely know said, “She seems so… sweet.” 

When you passed a group of girls on the street, as they whispered and pointed, they were complimenting your poise and style. 

When your friends were hanging out without you while you were busy, they were talking about how much they missed your presence. 

When you saw your classmates at the grocery store, they had a conversation about how smart you are.

Old friends you are no longer in touch with see your pictures on social media and smile, proud you are doing well.

Yes, people will inevitably think and talk about you, and it may not always be positive. However, shift your perspective. Focus on the good. For although you will be rejected, ignored, and mocked at times, you are also admired, complimented, and loved without even knowing it.



"He has made everything beautiful in its time."

Ecclesiastes 3:11

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